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Recent News

Schwab Lowers Commission Rates & ETF Expense Ratios

Charles Schwab & Co., our preferred custodian, recently announced that it reduced its standard online equity and ETF commission rate to $4.95 per trade. Schwab has also lowered their ETF expense ratios, making many of their super-efficient investment vehicles the lowest cost in the industry. We applaud Schwab for continuing their ground-breaking efforts to improve the investment experience for all. Read more here.

SEC Issues New Custody Rules

Early in 2017, the SEC issued new and more onerous rules that will impede the ability of investment advisors to assist their clients in “moving money”. While in the past a Standing Letter of Authorization and Limited Power of Attorney would suffice, all custodians (including Schwab) are now requiring significantly more documentation from both client and advisor to document any requests to transfer or move money. Expect delays and more documents to sign anytime the electronic transfer of funds is involved. Read more about the “Custody Rule” here.