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We provide investment research, portfolio management, and wealth management services as a registered investment adviser. We utilize highly sophisticated and proprietary quantitative analytical systems and processes which guide the construction and regular rebalancing of our Model Portfolios. Most importantly, a rules-based system improves the chances for success by helping to answer the question of when to be fully invested and when to be defensive. It also helps to remove many emotional and behavioral biases from the decision-making process that can frequently impair investment performance.

Our focus is on prudent allocation of investment assets using low cost vehicles and strategies that most closely match investment objectives and risk tolerances of the client. We emphasize institutional quality solutions that are fully transparent and make use of the best and most modern practices in risk management and investment theory.


We provide comprehensive financial planning services which enable investors to assess a variety of projected income and savings outcomes over a natural lifetime. Each report is completely customized, and details all sources of income, a timeline for key dates and transition items, and a progress report that is updated annually.


Being fully informed before claiming social security can make a big difference in retirement. We provide a full report on claiming options that will allow pre-retirees to optimize their benefits during their lifetime. Claiming early, or even at the “Full Retirement Age”, is not always the optimal solution. Finding out how to maximize total lifetime benefits is an essential piece of retirement readiness.

Each report is customized based on an individual’s specific earnings history, and features a wealth of information about all of the income choices available, including a Primary (best) strategy that can maximize lifetime benefits. Our report is included for all of our wealth management clients. It is available as a standalone report on a fixed fee basis for others.


Email is not safe or secure. We use a SAS 70 Type II compliant data center to host a secure online “Vault” that utilizes SSL 256 bit encryption to communicate with clients and provide long term digital storage of key documents. The Vault is accessed through our website, and may also be utilized by clients to upload or retrieve documents. It may also be utilized by accountants, attorneys, trustees, staff and other interested parties which have been authorized by the client.