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Series in Investor Education Presentations

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Investing and financial planning can be complex topics. Over the years, we’ve developed some fun, fast, and fact filled presentations that we are happy to share, including:

Best Practices for Retirement Plans

Trustees and administrators of qualified retirement plans like 401(k)’s are held to very high standards of care and loyalty under ERISA statutes, yet, while well meaning, few are able to pull together a comprehensive approach to upholding their duty of “fiduciary care”. This presentation reviews the key concepts of fiduciary stewardship, and offers practical ideas for administering your plan to reduce compliance risk, as well as helping you and your employees make the most of cutting edge investment solutions now available in today’s retirement plan marketplace.

A Better Path To Retirement

With the demise of pension plans and questionable long term prospects for the Social Security System, Americans increasingly have to “go it alone” when investing for their retirement security. Yet few are equipped to navigate the complexity of today’s financial markets, which display increasing volatility and uncertainty. This presentation focuses on the startling array of new tools and strategies that are now available, and what steps you can take to re-tool your approach to retirement investing.

Fundamentals of Options

The options markets offer a wide range of choices for investors to pursue differing investment goals. From managing risk to generating income to speculation, there is almost no limit to the risk and return profiles that can be constructed. This class reviews basic options pricing theory, the types of options available, and simple strategies that can be employed.

The Case for Momentum Investing

“Investing for the long term” has become accepted by many as the correct approach to building wealth. However, long and deep bear markets regularly test the patience of investors, often leading to poor results. This presentation discusses an alternative approach to investing that relies on technical analysis using trend and ranking systems to help answer the question of how to profit in bull markets and protect in bears, while reducing the stress and anxiety that frequently accompany investment decision-making.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge, and are dedicated to improving financial literacy and helping investors provide for themselves and others. Contact us to find dates or explore topics.